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Welcome to Modern Secular Public School - RULES & REGULATIONS





1.     Teachers must present in the school premises at least five minutes before the assembly bell to run the school promptly.

2.     All the staff members have to mention the time of his/her arrival on the attendance register along with signature in the morning and before leaving in the afternoon.

3.     It is compulsory for all the staff members to attend morning assembly and should stand along with their students.

4.     After prayer teachers should accompany their students in the classroom.

5.     It is the responsibility of sports teacher as well as class in-charge to keep check upon their sports activities.

6.     No one is allowed to leave the campus without permission of the principal, between the teaching hours or in free period.

7.     Use of mobile phone in class rooms is strictly prohibited. If anyone found violating the rule the mobile phone will be confiscated by the school management.

8.     All the work assigned to the teacher must be done with honesty and dedication. Any laxity in performing duty shall be intolerable and disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

9.     Corporal punishment is strictly banned in school campus.

10.  Any kind of language mistake or spelling mistake on the student work or on the diary shall not be tolerated. Teachers who will commit such mistake shall be warned once or twice and finally may cause expulsion from the school if he/she has no effect of warnings.

11.  Teachers must have to co-operate in all the school activities even if it happens on Sunday or holiday.

12.  Try your best to inculcate good manners, discipline and high moral character among your students as teachers are the role models for students, so first behave yourself as you desire from your students.

13.  In class room (all subjects except Hindi and Punjabi) teachers must speak only in English.

14.  All the class in-charge must keep their attendance register, teacher’s diary and other paper work up to date every moment.

15.  Teachers should submit the teacher’s diary to the principal on every Monday.

16.  It is compulsory for all the teachers to use smart class. Less usages of smart class can affect their annual increment.

17.  All the subject teachers must keep the record of weak students, causes of their weakness and steps taken to remove their weakness.

18.  No teacher is allowed to leave the class unattended.

19.  Teachers should have full control over the students when they leave for assembly, during lunch break and leaving class room at the end of last period.

20.  It is the responsibility of all the teachers to look after the school property like furniture, books, fans, computers, taps etc. Students must be discouraged to give personal gifts to the teachers in the school.

21.  All the teachers especially female staff must maintain dress in school campus i.e. they must come in simple sober and tidy clothes.

22.  Only those teachers are entitled for the salary of June (summer vacations) who has completed their one year of service.

23.  The teachers have to finish the syllabus in the given time period. The teachers have to give maximum result as fixed for each subject. Failing to give desired result can directly affect their increment.

24.  The progress of the teachers shall be watched and monitored by the management.

25.  There should be full signature of teacher on all circulars.

26.  Teacher will not hand over their registers to the students.

27.  Teachers will check money before sending students on canteen.

28.  Teachers are compulsory to wear the uniform on assigned days / result day and functions.

29.  There must be interpersonal distance between teacher and students.

30.  If any teachers will encourage the students to bring electronic devices in school premises, will not be tolerable by school management and strict actions will be taken against him/her.



  1. After summer and winter break teachers must report on duty one or two days before opening the school. It is mandatory to attend seminars/ workshops organized by the school. No leave is allowed during those days.

  2. No teacher is allowed to appear for the interview/examination during his/her stay in the school. For appearing in any kind of exam or interview, permission should be taken from the Director or the Principal.

  3. Only one casual leave is allowed in one month. Salary will be deducted for the additional leave, if any.

  4. Application for the causal leave must be given in advance. In case of extreme emergency, a teacher who remain absent without prior intimation must inform the principal before the school timing. 

  5. A teacher who remained absent for more than two days must submit  medical certificate.

  6. Half day leave is not allowed. Only under real or grave needs, it will be considered. Two half day leaves shall be counted for one causal leave.

  7. It is mandatory to take permission for long leaves (like maternity leave/ medical leave/ for marriage) in advance. Otherwise strict action will be taken by the management.

  8. It is mandatory to submit one month notice before resigning or leaving the school for any reason or he/she shall surrender one month salary in lieu of notice.



1.     Teachers should plan a dynamic lesson and a well organized classroom with variety of momentum.

2.     All the class teachers and subject teachers must set their classroom rules and stick to them.

3.     Teachers must set consistent consequences for breaking rules.

4.     Teachers must try to engage trouble makers in resource activities such as class monitoring, books distribution etc.

5.     It is compulsory to rotate the students every week. Only the disabled students are allowed to sit on the fixed seat.

6.     Every student should be given a chance to be monitor of the class. Set rules for monitors and if they do not follow the rules class in charge can give chance to next student.

7.     Teachers must follow lecture-cum-activity method to teach the students. All the teachers must follow the activity list provided by the principal.

8.     Teacher must try to build a good rapport with their students. They should interact with their students regularly which are further helpful for assessing them both outside and inside the classroom.

9.     Teachers must promote positive peer relationship by planning games and activities in pair as well as in group.

10.  Teachers are not allowed to give negative remarks to the students. Even labeling of students is discouraged.

11.  Teachers have to keep watch that walls of the classroom, verandahs are not being made dirty by the students. Laxity on this part is intolerable.

12.  Only the impartial behavior of the teachers is appreciated.

13.  It the responsibility of class in-charge to provide basic guidance and counseling to their students. In extreme cases, they can take help of counseling cell in the school.

14.  It is compulsory to complete the syllabus in time and to conduct proper revision before the exams.

15.  Class in-charge will be responsible for uniform and physical appearance of students (hair-style, nails, polished shoe, socks). For girls no coloured hair pins and rubber-bands.

16.  Class in-charge will take their lunch in their respective classes.

17.  During closing time classes will come out in sequence starting from 10th-A room.

18.  During last bell teacher will come out of the class after sending all students out and will be responsible for checking fans, tube lights, E-tech and windows.

19.  Teachers will not give any verbal information. It should be in written form on their diaries.

20.  CCE registers should be completed on the day of activity.

21.  All the teachers of 9th and 10th will submit their co-scholastic activities materials to CCE coordinator.

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1.     Its compulsory to attend morning assembly for all students. If any student will be found in any class room or washroom will be assigned to conduct morning assembly for next day.



1.     Attendance should not be less than 80% otherwise it will effect your final results.

2.     Leave application should be got sanctioned before leave is availed. Afterwards, no such application shall be considered. Parents are expected to give a note in this regard in the space provided in the student's diary and the student should get it sanctioned by the authorities concerned.

3.     In case of prolonged illness, leave application must be supported by a medical certificate.

4.     Leave during examination days and school functions due to unavoidable circumstances can be sanctioned only by the principal.

5.     Fine of Rs. 100/- per day shall be charged from those students who remain absent from the school without application.

6.     Students remaining absent for examination without prior permission will be fined Rs. 100/- for each paper. No application will be entertained after the examination.

7.     Attendance in school functions in regular school uniform is compulsory. Student remaining absent from the school functions without prior permission from the principal will be fined Rs. 200/-.

8.     If there is an extra class arranged by the school on a holiday, students are bound to attend it. Missing such classes is a serious irregularity for which a heavy fine shall be imposed and name can also be struck off.



1.     All students must be seated before the bus moves. Students must not stand until the bus comes to a complete halt.

2.     Only senior student should occupy the seats at the back of the bus.

3.     All bags / haversacks must be kept on the floor of the bus or on the student's lap. It should not be kept on the seat.

4.     No bullying or dangerous behaviour will be tolerated.

5.     No part of the student's body or any object belonging to the student may protrude from the bus window or door.

6.     Littering the bus will not be tolerated.

7.     Any willful damage to the bus should be reported to the principal and the offender will be dealt with severely.

8.     Discourteous behaviour towards the personal on the bus could result in suspension.



The students can be suspended / punished / struck off by the school management on the following grounds.

1.     Non-payment of fee and all other dues within the prescribed dates.

2.     Breach of discipline.

3.     Continuous absence for six days from school without application and without permission from principal.

4.     Causing damage to school property.

5.     Misbehaviour with the teachers and other students.

6.     Any other act of misconduct within the school premises.

7.     Wrong use of school uniform.

8.     Using unfair means in examination.



1.     Students are representatives of the school from leaving home until they return and are thus expected to set themselves a high standard of behaviour both inside and outside the school.

2.     The full school uniform must be worn at all times. Shirts are to be tucked in, socks are to be pulled up; heel straps in place.

3.     No visible jewellery is to be worn. Jewellery of religious or cultural significance may be worn but must be covered at all times.

4.     A students hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times. The length of the hair should not be shorter than a 'number 2' razor cut. Hair should not be touching the shirt collar and should be off the face. The fringe when straightened/combed down must not hang in the eyes. The colour must be the student's own natural colour, no dye or highlights are allowed. Girls are instructed to make two brades with folded ribbons.

5.     Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in school campus and the device will not be returned to students.

6.     Any form, verbal or physical or any means of bullying or victimization is strictly forbidden.

7.     It is the responsibility of every student in the school to ensure that the school is free from litter.

8.     Students are required to attend all classes. No student will leave class without outpass.

9.     All students must be at school by assigned time according to season. Late comers must report to principal's office.

10.  All articles books, bags and other property should be clearly marked with the owner's name.

11.  Bicycles/motor vehicles are to be kept in the space provided. Students who bring motor cycles to school must follow basic traffic department road safety rules.

12.  Damage of any kind must be reported immediately to the .................... In case of willful damage or negligence, students will be expected to contribute part or all of the cost of repair.

13.  No student is allowed to go for drinking water or washroom during/before/after recess period, first and last period without any emergency case.

14.  Spoken English is must with teachers and classmates.

15.  Cuff opening of pent should be '15 inches'.

16.  If any coach is absent then nobody will go outside/ground from class room in assigned game periods.



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